Warranty Terms & Conditions

Provided that RPCM is installed, used, stored, and serviced as prescribed, RCNTEC RPCM guarantees the high quality of its production.

This warranty applies to RPCM modules sold in Uzbekistan Republic.

The basic warranty period is 1 year starting from the date the device is delivered to the user (but not exceeding 30 months from date of production).

This warranty includes technical support for the device, free software update downloads, and access to the service center for the duration of the effective warranty period.

! The warranty includes limited ATS trips and short circuit protection. Upon expiration of the warranty period, repair is performed only against payment.

This warranty applies to all parts and components of the device, provided that the user complies with the following conditions:

The technical limitations do not imply that the device is designed for the number of trips indicated. However, in the event of malfunction of the related parts of the device, warranty obligations do not apply to them and repair is performed against payment after the technical limitations have been reached.

The warranty does not apply:
The manufacturer provides an exntended warranty for RPCM, which includes additional conditions for warranty service in Uzbekistan Republic:

The user may acquire extended warranty period and/or technical support, or request a paid repair.

An extended warranty can be purchased for a period from 1 to 9 years following expiration of the basic warranty.

Extended warranty provision conditions:
Rules for providing the device for warranty repair:

It is necessary to provide proof that the device is subject to an effective warranty by:

Transportation of the device to the manufacturer’s service center is to be paid by the user. Subject to confirmation of the warranty case, return transportation, upon completion of the repair or replacement, is to be paid by the manufacturer. Also, in this case, the manufacturer is to compensate for the delivery of the device to the repair location (service center of the manufacturer). Prior to shipping the device, it is necessary to receive an RMA number and to fill out the  Warranty Service Form When shipping the device to the manufacturer’s service center, it is necessary to include the RMA number in the package with the device! When shipping the device, you are required to insure the device against damage during transportation and warranty refusal.

Support is provided 24 hours a day. When contacting support, please provide the serial number of the device, invoice number, or supply contract number.

E-mail: info@rpcm.pro

Service Center Address: 127018, Russian Federation, Moscow, Polkovaya ul. 3., 4th floor. RCNTEC RPCM.